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The Scrap metal Dealers Act 2013 has been in existence for 6 years and STILL the Local Authorities refuse to comply. In fact as the years have passed we now have a situation whereby half the Licensing Authorities in the country are NOT compliant to this Act of Parliament. At first the Scrap Metal Dealers Association assumed there must be a flaw in the drafting of the Act, as it meant that an Act of Parliament had been written to stop metal theft and those responsible. We assumed that the Home Office and Transport Police had missed the point of how our industry worked. We are told that the law has no faults. We are told that the law is working [ despite metal theft being on the increase]. We were even told we were wrong, despite half the Local Authorities not only agreeing with us but policing the Act in accordance with our understanding whilst the other half do not. If we are to accept that the word of the law is correct then we have an intolerable situation whereby 50 % of the licensing Authorities are abusing that LAW and are wrongfully licensing 98% of collectors. For the whole of 2019 the Scrap Metal Dealers Association has been providing training to Councils, police and even Environment Officers have asked to attend. That training has pointed out the fundamental flaws and errors that have been occurring since 2013 and the abuse that collectors have suffered causing financial losses and in some cases unlawful prosecutions. This situation has to stop. 20th February 2020 that day is the end of all unlawful licensing. Whether the councils decided to have their training or not, the abuse will stop. Councils are to

1. Correct their websites, and stop misleading the public

2. Identify which of their collectors are to be licensed and who should be removed from their licensing.

3. Ensure that all their staff understand their roles under the Scrap metal Dealers Act 2013, courses are still being run by the Scrap metal dealers Association but they are no longer subsidised by the NMA.


Collectors are to

1. Decide if they collect by means of door to door collections [ like the old rag and bone man, going house to house without an appointment] or collect by other means like facebook, newspaper ads, gumtree, whereby the customer books an appointment with you. IF you go door to door you need to be licensed with the local authority, if you do not then you do not need to be licensed under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

2. The National Metal Agency will be registering all collectors that do NOT go door to door. The fee is a standard annual £120. You do not need a police check. You can trade anywhere in the country. The Scrap MEtal Dealers Association will

  1. monitoring all local authority websites
  2. Helping any of their members that finds their Human rights have been abused, and who have been tricked causing a financial loss to themselves by an abuse of power.
  3. Starting a watchdog of licensing to check that the public are being given the correct information that the law dictates.

It should be pointed out that there are compliant councils like Cambridge, Watford, Dacorum and Rugby and many more that have been following the word ofthe law correctly.

These changes only apply to the councils that have been abusing collectors of scrap metal.

 If you are a collector and are confused or require help contact the Scrap Metal Dealers Association for free advice 07513225127 ( 9am -5pm)

20 -2- 20 Ignorance of the law is no excuse.