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The National Metal Agency set up a register for all those collectors that weren’t licensed under the Scrap Metal dealers Act 2013 on the 20th Feburary 2020. This went amazingly well despite the determined efforts from other Associations that do not have collectors as members and who are reading the law as they want it to read and not what it actual says.

Phase two of the NATIONAL METAL AGENCY initiative will start on the 20th JULY 2020, whereby not only will other sites and members of the public can report an illegal site but the AGency will actively take the criminals into court.

The reporting email address report@nationalmetalagency.org.uk has the Scrap Metal dealers Associations full support. For 8 years we have had to sit by and watch these illegal sites set up and the police nor the councils nor the Environment Agency do nothing to stop them, although they have plenty of resources to chase the full licensed sites. The tide is changing. Things will now be done differently and we full endorse this move.