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Since 2013 councils around the country have been ignoring the Scrap metal Dealers Act 2013 or the Home Office guidance notes that were given.

We have had councils that invent maintenance charges of £3400 plus that are added to the already high £600 licensing.

We have had councils giving licenses to residential homes claiming that their high rise flats are scrap metal sites.

we have had councils clumping all collectors together and handing out licences without reading the 2013 Act.

Throughout 2019 training has been offered to every council in the country. The Scrap Metal Dealers Association has been working closely with councils and Police to ensure that everyone had time to get their licensing to run uniformally across the country. The date ends on the 20 – 2 -20. If councils continue to abuse our members contrary to the Law we will take act against them. & years of abuse is enough. If they aren’t ready, we are. www.smda.org.uk protecting our members.