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Courses for 2019

Fire Prevention Plan – design your own, page by page. This is a day long course that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what is required to be Environment Agency happy. You don’t need a PHd to do this course, we are doing it in baby steps page by page, explaining what the jargon means, how it applies to you and where to get the information your site needs, run by an ex scrap dealer.  Cost £135 for non members , free to members.

Scrap Metal and the laws that apply to you. This is a day long course that tells you about  your responsibilities and obligations, but also your rights. You think you know it all ?  Then why are people being fined, abused by licensing, and treated like criminals? We also tell you how to handle issues with Authorities, protecting your interests whether it on the side of the road or in your yard. Expect some role play and examples of how to do it and not do it. Ideal for sites and collectors alike.  Cost £135 for non members , free to members.

What is wrong with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, and how people are getting away with murder. This is a discussion group that talks about the injustices that we are being forced to compete against. It gives examples after example of injustices and what we can do to combat it in our society. Open to all whether you are Scrap Metal Dealer, Police, Trading standards, Environment Agency or Licensing , another Association or  a collector or just interested in what is happening within our industry. £135 for all, free to members.

We also offer your business a MOT, whereby we come round to your business and spend the day. This is a very private and confidential visit, we give talks to your staff and tell them how to protect themselves not just on site but with paperwork. If you are concerned about Vat scams, your reputation or have an issue with an authority , we can offer this purely confidential consultation service . Ideal for people that have an issue and don’t know how to handle it or need staff training.  £1500 for two days on site.

Want us to write your Fire Protection Plan, We can do that. However, it is a live document. You still need to use it on a daily basis and understand its content, not place it in a drawer. A 2 day on site visit is required.  Cost £1500

We also offer a help line for members that is manned 24/7 for issues related to scrap. Free of charge

Documentation Course – What documents do I need to run a site or as a collector? You think your paperwork is in order, then why are there VAT SCAMS or prosecutions, why are you spending thousands employing someone to do background checks on phoenix companies? Let us explain what your documentation has missing. Let us explain contract law which governs your business. Let us give you templates that protect yourself from criminal activity. A must know for sites, and a clear guide for collectors that need documentation in their vehicles.  £135 for non members and free for members.

In trouble?

Well you should have come to one of the above!

 However, if you are now knee deep in trouble and find that you need someone on your side, we can still help. Don’t expect a solicitor to help you, they don’t understand the SMDA2013 unless they are told. We have helped Scrap dealers and collectors in 31 court appearances and won every time with a not guilty verdict. Contact us and we will help you.

 This is not a free service unless you are a member. Cost vary depending how much doo doo you are standing in.

Our Membership is there for 4 things.

Protect – Education – Guidance – Support.

Don’t wait until you are in trouble, become a member first.

Cost of annual membership is £886 per site – £406 for collectors.

Interested or want to know more, then put your name down as an interested party , and tell us which service you are interested in. We will then arrange and tell you of the Course dates and venues.

We also offer in house training for businesses, members and non members alike. . Ask for details.

Contact us info@smda.org.uk