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WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE! This hocus Pocus witchcraft being flogged to members as a FPP !
The Scrap Metal Dealers Association has had it’s third member informing us that they have paid an Environment Business run by an EX Environment Agency employee, or other qualified person , thousands of pounds to write their Fire Prevention Plan , and it has been rejected by the Environment Agency.

If you own an ATF or Scrap yard site by law you are required to have a fire Prevention plan. It’s not difficult to write, but it is difficult to understand what the Environment Agency want you to write. Unlike any other industry, our FPP’s are different.

As an Association we are shocked at the pages of waffle that are being sold as an FPP. We wholely accept that that is not what the EA require and can understand why it has been rejected.

Please members get a recommendation before handing over thousands of pounds.

Or come to one of our FPP workshops and learn how to write your own for free. After all, you know your site better than anyone else.

Next workshop is in Birmingham 1st June contact us at info@smda.org.uk to book a place, quoting Birmingham FPP .

We may be holding another in Bournmouth area if we can get enough interest. Please show your interest by contacting us at info@smda.org.uk. quoting interested Bournmouth FPP.