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We are offering our members this unique opportunity to show you how to write your own Fire Protection Plan without employing someone to do it at a cost of thousands of pounds. £££££$$$$$££££££

Our last training session was fully subscribed. You don’t need a PHD to write your FFP. We will literally show you page by page explaining exactly what the Environment Agency expect from your Scrap business or Motor Salvage business.

We read of Motor Salvage operators that stack vehicles 5 high upsetting the neighbours. However, to the trained eye it shows us they have no adequate fire protection plan in place and that they are probably not insured.

This course is being run on Saturday 1st June 2019 in Birmingham. It is free to any of our members and we strongly advise you to come along and take advantage of the information we will give you to take away.

Whether you are a scrap yard or motor salvage operator by law you need an adequate FIRE PROTECTION PLAN in place, failure to have one could mean you not only lose your business to fire, but you’ll be sued by the Environment Agency and bonus… Could be charged with manslaughter if a death occurs.

BOOK NOW. at info@smda.org.uk