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Happy New Year to all Scrap Metal Dealers . 2020 will be a year of changes, keep informed Watch this space and know your rights. In 2018 the Scrap Metal Dealers Association discovered that local authorities up and down the country were abusing our members charging for services that they did not provide. Claiming that a man with a van who lived in a first floor council flat was a site ( can you imagine the legal complications to that one!) Councils inventing a figure out of thin air and then doubling it and claiming that was a made up charge that they had no lawful right to collect.

In 2019, we set about rectifying the issues. We managed to claw back quarter of a million pounds worth of false accounting from Local Authorities and ensure it was given back to the sites and collectors that had been abused.

We have been up and down the country giving Police Forces, the Environment Agency and Local Authority licensing teams the opportunity to 1) learn about our business ( after all how many of us get a licensing officer rock up without a clue to what they are doing) and 2) more importantly we have pointed out where they have been licensing incorrectly according to the very law that gave them authority to license us – the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

Although we are told ignorance of the law is no excuse, we thought it only polite to point out half the licensing Authorities in the country were breaking the law.

This training has been repeated offered so that they can not bitch later that they didn’t know. The National Metal Agency even subsidised a porportion of the cost for the councils that were acting illegally.

2020 – that funding has now ended. However the training is still available for any Authority that suddenly finds themselves in the doo doo.
On the 20th February 2020 any of our members that finds themselves being abused by a local authority will have our full support in taking that Authority to court. Enough is enough. We have done everything in our power to ensure that they police us correctly and yet there are still some Authorities that believe they can make up their own rules and not follow the word of the law. ( We agree that the Scrap Metal Dealers Act is full of loopholes but that isn’t our fault. We advised the Home Office of the serious issues and they ignored us. So if this is the law they want us to follow, let the fun begin) . Happy New Year Scrap Dealers !