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SCRAP METAL DEALERS ASSOCIATION is announcing that they holding a London conference in Autumn 2019 for Local Authorities , Environment Agency, Police authorities and other industry Associations  .

In recent months as we investigate the licensing regimes in Local Authorities we have discovered a huge gulf in the understanding of the Scrap Metal Industry and their rights and obligations.

For years we have been offering our members free educational seminars, and training opportunities to have best practices in place, only to find that time and time again, different councils and areas are implementing their own rules that are not lawful, and vary amongst council catchments.

To gain a meaningful consolidation over the country we have offered local councils our services. Working on that , we are now holding a conference for these agencies in which we can share information, and get set aside any confusion or ambiguity that has built up since 2013.

As a member of the SMDA,  if you wish to come along to the conference, either to take part and tell the audience your experience as a scrap metal site or as a collector or as a motor salvage operator, or to sit in the audience, please show your interest by contacting us at info@smda.org.uk.   

There are many of the big companies that will tell you that the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 is perfect and doesn’t need changing. We know different. We have been championing the ones that have been affected unlawfully since 2013. It is our opinion that we can change the system from the inside for the better, eliminating the criminal elements so that we can work in harmony, but to do this we need the co operation from the local Authorities, the Environment Agency and from the Police.

Join us, be part of the change!  www.smda.org.uk