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P =Protection

E = Education


S= Support

These are the benefits of becoming a member of ours. In real teams, we are able to protect you and your business from illegal activity, be it from people trying to sell you stolen material or from people in authority bending the rules to suit themselves. We have a 24/7 help line for members to access either at the side of the road in the dead of night or in their office. We are not the AA, we only deal with scrap metal related issues.

Just in the last few days, we were alerted to the theft of a sizable quantity of zinc ingots that were stolen in Cannock with the truck and trailer. Within minutes of being told we had our facebook page shared throughout the country, and twitter users were informed. All our members were alerted to the theft and we offered to inform the police should anyone have any information. By the end of the day 4800 people had seen the post and it had been shared in Manchester, Scotland, Devon, Hertfordshire, Bristol, Sheffield, and continues to be shared. Our members stick together in a crisis. We all know that one hit like that, can damage a reputation and the financial stability of any business. Losing a truck and trailer is bad enough, losing a high value load can cripple . With many eyes looking , it might make the zinc too hot to handle. Our members protect eachother. We are stronger together. We have a voice, that is loud and can be heard.

Recently we had a complaint from a member in the Bath area, complaining that the licensing department are not only charging for the licence but have invented a maintenance fee, which we consider illegal. We are currently in contact with the council and the local press to ensure this issue is rectified, not just for our members but all scrap metal dealers and collectors in that area.


We hold regular workshops across the country, which would normally cost thousands of pounds for an expert to teach you how to make a Fire Protection Plan, what your rights are as a Scrap dealer, and also your obligations, and how to protect your businesses from fraud, scams, and other abuses of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

We have teamed up with a ex Scrap dealer who now teaches WAMITAB level 4 and gives our members a discounted rate to become fully qualified . He’s not a suit, he talks and explains in easy to understand language, so that getting the qualification OFF SITE is easier than ever before.


Got an issue and don’t know where to turn? We have years of legal expertise having sued British Transport Police in the High Court and proved they acted illegally. We have represented Scrap Metal Dealers int he magistrates courts and won time and time again – in fact we have never lost a case! Few solicitors can say that.


We are not a club or group that meet up for dinners and golf tournaments and sponsorship do’s, we support others as one. If we win a issue with a licensing authority it effects everyone within that area. If we change a law, it affects everyone. If we shout loud enough, it makes a difference to everyone. Whether you are a large or small company or even a collector, you are welcome to join us. We do not want to know how many tonnes you turn over or your licensing. We are not interested in buying out your yard. We are a membership that listens and takes action.