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In 2013 when the new Act of Parliament came into force councils and Police were given training and guidelines in order to police this Act.

Sadly the guidelines given appear to contradict the law, and the training opprtunities were never written down as a council policy, meaning that all over the country councils are in utter confusion. Sadly the Police rely on council officials for their information, and guidance which is now leading to unlawful arrests and prosecutions , mal practice and in some cases Fraud.

In 2018/2019 the workload of our Association became mainly dealing with our members issues that derived from the lack of understanding and knowledge of the people that police us.

In effect we have ended up policing the people employed to police us.

In an attempt to stop this ludicous situation, we developed a training package for Local Authorities and one designed for Police forces showing them the pitfalls and errors, the misconceptions and the loopholes that are being abused and made for criminal activity to take place in Scrap Metal.

We have been overwelmed by the Authorities response to these workshops. Many councils are keen to get it right, and are happy to admit they are out of their depth. They have so many questions and desparately seek answers. We offer them the opportunity for us to write their policy to ensure that information remains on record. It is important that we continue to work together as we have a common motive, to protect the law abiding licensees and close down the criminals that are latching onto our industry.

Obviously there have been some councils and indeed Police Forces that believe they know what they are doing to be correct, and openly admit to relying on the councils guidance. Of course if our members in 2020 are affected by mal practice or fraud or wrongful prosecution , we will continue to help them, knowing that we gave the Authorities the opportunity to cure and they refused.

There are limited spaces to the September 2019 training course left. We only havea few more months left before training finishes and we move on to enforcement in 2020. This years Training can be booked via info@smda.org.uk