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On the 4th December 2012, Inspector Brook and his band of merry men came to the window of FIRST CAR RECYCLING a licensed and registered motor salvage business unlawfully claiming that they had powers. Notice they refuse to identify themselves. They claim they had spoken to his workers when in fact they had spoken to other businesses in the estate. Mr Brook claims his powers came from the Scrap Metal Dealers Act. ( not in December 2012 they didn’t.) He was a year early. Furthermore he wasn’t even a constable he worked for railway police. OUTSIDE HIS JURISDICTION. . Despite not being a constable he still claimed that this was wilful obstruction of a constable in the exection of his duty. And spent 2 years trying to prosecute the dealer. In the first trial the judge threw it out of court. In the second trial with our help he was found not guilty. SHAME ON YOU NICOLAS BROOK, now chief inspector of professional standards for BTP, let’s hope you know what jurisdiction and the law is – now you have to investigate bent BTP officers, yourself.

We advise all our members, film, film,film, film,film.