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We have been asked to do a Fire Prevention Plan training day in Bournmouth on the 18th June 2019. If we can get enough interest we will certainly do it at such short notice.

If your ATF or Scrap yard hasn’t a Fire Prevention Plan in place, it is a legal requirement demanded by the Environment Agency. They cost thousands of pounds to get someone in to do, however, you know your site better than any stranger. With our help we can teach you how to make your own plan, page by page on this one day intensive course.

It is written by scrap dealers for scrap dealers. it is fun, thought provoking and you will leave with a full understanding of what is required of you.

As usual the course is free to members , non members will have to pay but it’s a tenth of the cost of an expert writing it.

Contact us at info@smda.org.uk to register your interest.