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Are you a Scrap Metal business that has been caught out with organisations that used your business to steal VAT from HM Custom and Excise, and you get lumbered with the bill ?

Perhaps you are employing someone to be a compliance officer for tens of thousands of pounds a year , in an attempt to protect yourself…

Perhaps you are asking intrusive questions to customers that feel it’s none of your business, putting their backs up – just so you can try to protect yourself. ..

You might even be a member of an Association that is lobbying the House of Lords in an attempt to have VAT removed from scrap metal – that will never happen – the Government make too much money out of it, but we applaud your wasted effort, never the less. (and they do a lovely buscuit)

There is an answer  to help you.

Why not come to one of our seminars, it’s only 2 hours long, and be taught how to combat the VAT liability the criminals can cause your business.

Seminars to be held around the country in Edinburgh – Manchester- Birmingham – Bristol and London.  Contact us at info@smda.org.uk