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WAMITAB Level 4 Certificate In Waste and Resource Management VRQ course.

Date: 22nd to the 26th of July 2019
Location: Bedfordshire (MK17 Postcode)

About the VRQ

The VRQ is a taught and tested qualification and is an ideal way of gaining the appropriate qualification, as the Learner is taught everything they require!

The end result is the same – a Level 4 WAMITAB award but by doing the VRQ you will have confidence, know the laws and regulatory powers, be able to make important site decisions based on actual knowledge. You will leave the course enlightened, knowledgeable and above all confident to run a permitted waste site. 

The course material is delivered via power point presentation; however, this will not be death by power point, this will be an interactive fun learning process, with various exercises, question and answer sessions and much more!

The course covers the 5 mandatory units of the award, covering all aspects of health & safety, legalisation and sustainable waste management. The learner will then select at least one optional mandatory unit which will be there specialist subject and is relevant to the permitted waste site they will operate.

Once you have completed the award, your qualification will allow you to act as the technically competent manager (TCM) for a medium risk permitted waste site.

Our 5-day intensive course will not only provide you the knowledge and understanding to complete the written projects required but will set you up in a career in waste management.

We will also provide you with a ‘’Waste Management Encyclopedia’’ which is packed with over 100 documents on Health, Safety and the Environment and will act as an aid memoir throughout your career and will be a point of reference when carrying out you day to day supervisory or managerial duties!

Delegates can choose to have their ‘’Waste Management Encyclopedia’’ either in a hard copy paper manual or electronically on a tablet which is yours to keep!

The benefits of the electronic Encyclopedia are, it’s directly linked through an online cloud! Which means as we update and add to the Encyclopedia, your version will automatically grow and change in line with current legislation and its far more environmentally friendly!

This qualification is open to anyone, from those who are new or preparing to work in the industry, supervisors or even experienced managers who want to gain an additional competency for a new waste site! 

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