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Our Association has been up and down the country informing councils and licensing authorities that everyone in the industry of waste needs a waste transfer note.

Yet there are Government authorities that think they are immune to the laws that apply to us.

Another scam taking place….

If a vehicle is dumped in the road it is the Local Authorities responsibility to get rid of that vehicle whether it is a car or a van or lorry. However, instead of the local authority giving the “job” of collection to a registered scrap dealer or motor salvage operator, they are charged a fortune to dispose of the vehicle ( I know, they need their heads banged together)

So instead of contacting their licensees, and instead of paying to get rid of the vehicle themselves they wait for the tax and mot to expire. It now becomes the responsibility of the DVLA. The DVLA pay for an agent to take it to an auctioneers and the vehicle is sold to a motor salvage operator. At least the DVLA profit from it and the vehicle is recycled. However, more and more vehicles including transit vans are being taken by the DVLA and they are full of waste. That waste can be contaminated soil with drug paraphernalia (which recently went to auction, unbeknown to the buyer who was just shown photos of the van not the inside)  When the Motor salvage Operator went to collect he found not only had he bought a van but was told he had bought waste. So where was the DVLA’s waste transfer note? Where was the auction house transfer note?  Why is it the responsibility of the motor salvage operator to pick up the tab for disposing of it, and starting the record from where it came from, if the DVLA don’t need to be monitored by the Environment Agency?  Someone isn’t following the rules and yet we are held accountable the moment the vehicle leaves the auction house.

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