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To commemorate the 7 year anniversary of the change of section 146 of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act that stopped only Scrap Metal Dealers from using cash, a book has been written called We Scrapped Coppers by Gillian Temple.

The book details the personal experiences of the  very first victim that was working in his motor salvage business on the 12.12.12. fully licensed and registered ATF not covered under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act but the Vehicle Crimes Act , when British Transport Police came out of their railway jurisdiction and decided to unlawfully raid by force this ATF.

The Victim’s story of the physical, emotional and financial abuse and the 11 hearings, four trials, a judicial review and a High Court trial are detailed as he tried to cope with the injustice that he was dealt. It shows the decline of a successful businessman as his PTSD develops and ruins his life.

Despite this, the book shows how without a barrister or solicitor the victim fights back through the courts and wins a High Court trial against BTP in 2018. These events were the root cause of the starting of the Scrap Metal Dealers Association by scrap dealers for scrap dealers and the reason why so many scrap metal dealers and motor salvage operators are now members.