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Our Assocaition was formed in 2013 to counteract the growing criminality that our members within our industry found theselves under. It was for those that realised that the law was going to change but without any real consultation from industry professionals and no one willing to speak out , we were formed. In the years of 2012 , 2013 and 2014 ordinary working men and women found themselves being accused of wrong doing or illegal activity. We know of many that were unlawfully set up with “planted cable” faulty warrents and fraudulent documentation, it is only now in 2019 as we do training for Local Authorities that they are coming forward saying that they feel very uncomfortable with the way that the new act of Parlement was implemented. This Assocaition has grown in numbers and continues to grow as more and more members that are under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 join us. We have been crying out for years that the 2013 Act is flawed. In 2019 we have given British transport Police the opportunity to clean up their act and remove the rotten apples that they have within their organisation. This is not hearsay, we have given them the evidence. In 2018 The Right Honourable Grant Shapps MP wrote to Jo Johnson the minster for Transport on our behalf. We received a letter telling us that All complaints should go via the independent Police conduct Authority. ( which is via BTP professional Standards, not a great option when the Professional Standards chief inspector is the man we have serious evidence against.

In 2019 as Jo Johnson resigns, Grant Shapps MP ironically takes the position of minister for Transport. Our association writes again, and again we are advised that we should take our complain higher. In May 2019 we give British Transport Police the opportunity to deal with their problem and refer their own officers to the authorities to be prosecuted themselves, informing them that we can not work with them until justice is seen to be done. The Association hands them copies of the 2018 trial evidence in the Royal Courts of Justice whereby the BTP own barrister ( bless him) sends for the original copies of the warrents only to find that they have been fraudulently tampered with and were different from all other copies of the same warrant having been tipexed out vital information.

Today we were advised that BTP will be preparing a report on the subject. Our members are not interested in their report. We want bent coppers prosecuted. We want those that destroyed businesses and beat up our members , and faked evidence to stand trial. If the British Transport Police do not condone their officers conduct, then how can they expect us to work with them? Our Association is built on intregrity. We offer Protection, educuation, guidance and support to our members and as long as some authorities continue to cover up their illegal behaviour we will call them out. This year we offer Local Authorities the opportunity to learn why the SMDA 2013 act doesn’t work, and work with us. Many have taken this training and are implementing it, many are walking away from the SMDA 2013 altogether in fear of breaching your Human Rights and acting unlawfully against you. ( such a mess is the Act that the councils are doomed if they act and doomed if they dont)

Next year 2020, we will be forcing them to comply with the law using their idiotic act against them. Those that have wronged us unlawfully will not be protected by their bosses. This house of cards will tumble. If you are a member of our Association we want to hear from you if you get stopped or taken to court. The Home office has secured so many loopholes within the act , it is impossible for you to be guilty. 2019 the year of education, 2020 the year of enforcement.